- Only with the heart can one see correctly; the essential is invisible to the human eye.

Antonie de Saint-Exupery

Inspiring People

Ricardo Perret
Innovation Expert

"Luis is an innovator who combines tools from different disciplines to offer a new way of connecting with his interior and thus manifest a new reality."

Julia Pieper
Yoga Teacher and Conscious Coach

"This man brought so much clarity to my life, greatest teacher ever. He is an artist of life - dedicated, compassionate and well balanced between heart and brain.
He practices and shares advanced communication skills of high transformative power".

Alfredo Salazar
Founder of Eco World Building

"Luis Amaya, an old spirit living in turbulent and challenging times, a good time to join forces."

Juan Manuel Espinoza
Founder of Todo con Amor

"Luis has been a great companion on the road, with whom I was able to find a very deep connection in music and meditation."

Fer Núñez
Announcer & Influencer

"Luis is an enterpreneur, very dedicated, always focused on results and with the vision of a particular objective.
He does not give up and goes for more. "

REWIRE Javier Salazar

Javier Salazar
Founder of Believe Industries

"Luis is an entrepreneur and tenacious, someone I am grateful to God for having known and grown so much these last 10 years of my life."

Joshua Reyna
Yogi & International Educator

"Hunab Amaya ... Brother of heart and master mirror. Great inspiration in the path of life; heart without limits. With his will and word he is wise, compassionate and successful."

Karla Castellanos
Enterprising. Founder of Verde Oliva.

"Luis an incredible being filled with light, he helped me in moments of darkness to be able to be on the path of love, peace and fulfillment."


Cécile TM
Female Leader

"Hunab has that capacity that few have, to be able to really listen and to generate the confidence that one needs to open up to change and empowerment."

Rangel Eduardo (Nicotine 23)
Composer and Arranger Musician

"Luis is in good times and bad; supporting and encouraging everyone in their projects and boosting their abilities to achieve more goals."

Valentina Alaya
International Educator & Entrepreneur

"Hunab, master guide. In moments of confusion, he helps to find the inner light in oneself, being able to see beyond the shadows, connecting with the deepest and purest of Being."

REWIRE David Martinez

David Martinez
Young entrepreneur

"The way he expresses what he feels ... with so much happiness and desire, great visionary Luis!"

Iasmin Malta
Student & Entrepreneur

"Luis is the type of person who enters your life and makes you remember: nothing is by chance. Since I met his personality, he brought me inspiration and passion for life".

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