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A multipotentialite… dreamer since a kid, explorer since a young, actual entrepreneur.

Almost everyone knows me as Hunab Amaya. My first big challenge was losing a loved one from a very young age: my mother. That motivated an intensive search to verify that when we die, there must be something beyond. Later I called that journey "Spirituality".
During my childhood and adolescence, I grew up in an apparently prosperous environment, but full of limiting beliefs. A world where everything should always be "overworking and spending on tight budgets." Still, I clearly remember the way my entire family said over and over, "What a smart kid!" this is how the first great belief arose. I was educated about impeccability in many ways, except for the power of the word and other beliefs about money, success, and the meaning of life. It was then that music represented a way of healing when I was 12 years old, as I spent long hours practicing with my guitar.

My first job was at the age of 13 as a “Seriyito”; This is how packers are known in Latin American supermarkets. For any average family, such work could be considered unworthy or "poor." In my mind there was no room for shame, I just wanted to earn a little money so I could ask the girl I liked out. After 6 months of work, when I counted my earnings and opened my first bank account, I realized that I had collected around $15,000 Mexican pesos ($750 USD) in tip coins. My father couldn't believe it. When I turned 14, a music academy offered me to teach as a teacher and without a second hesitation I accepted the offer. So I began to generate experience in education with people of all ages.

That's how I was 3 more years of my life; working on what he loved the most and reading like crazy books on metaphysics and spirituality. I needed to be sure that I could still find my mother somewhere in the Universe. Things at home were difficult, as no sensible parent wants their child to become a “Hippie” musician (especially in Mexico where there are not many worthy opportunities for musicians). After becoming independent at 17 years of age, I went straight to work where there seemed to be a "safe" opportunity for income: a Callcenter. After 2 years of trying to move up in the company, as well as realizing that I was doing what I promised myself never to do, I decided to abandon everything and follow my greatest passion so far: music.

I received money as part of my mother's inheritance, and just when I turned 19, I started investing it in building a music school in downtown Monterrey, Mexico. My partner was my best friend, who contributed a low starting capital percentage to be part of the project. We had wonderful and hard moments. The school, Legatto Music & Audio Academygrew very fast and people really valued our work and educational quality. I made high quality study plans for people who, like me at some point, wanted to study music in a formal and accessible way. This school was transformed into a home for misunderstood musicians of all ages; a big family.

Luis Amaya Legatto
Luis Hunab Amaya Legatto 2

Time passed, and the opportunities became bigger and in greater quantity. Radio and magazine interviews, visits by famous artists to the school, alliances with other schools and sponsorships of recognized brands. So I founded my second business called Mayan Solutions®, which started as a small marketing office with only 3 people hired and which provided service to the music school and 2 more foreign clients. I achieved what I considered success when I was 22 years old: I was standing in a 3-story building full of clients happy to acquire the services of my brands. After hundreds of books read and the constant practice of "trial and error", I managed to manifest the profession of my dreams and the life I dreamed of during adolescence (the one that society told me to obsessively search for). And guess what ... I felt unsatisfied. There was a very unusual void within me. The price for fulfilling that dream had also been very high, and there were other external situations that put an immense weight on my shoulders every day. Soon after an economic crisis came, I was forced to make a very hard decision: to close the school permanently.

I fell into a deep depression ... I saw my dreams crumble before my eyes. I took my car and headed to a high mountain just outside the city, where I spent 8 hours talking to myself, telling me the story of my life, as if I wanted to see what was coming next. Then the voice of my mother's spirit came from the center of my heart: -Life is more than money, business and fame; It is like climbing a mountain and seeing, from the top of it, that there are more other mountains to climb. Don't you realize that you are now free from all that didn't allow you to travel and expand your horizons? So keep going up mountains, enjoying climbing, reaching the top, and going down from it.

The same week we closed the music school I received a job offer at a company called Eco world building, dedicated to sustainable construction. Mayan Solutions set out to redesign its corporate identity and build its international website. I resonated so much with the philosophy of the company that very soon I began to travel with the founder to his business meetings. The millionaire figures began to appear in my life and I could see with my own eyes a man with more than 30 years of experience doing business with high-caliber companies in the United States and the Riviera Maya. That man became my business mentor and an example of a different way of life. With him I corroborated everything that I had read at the age of 15 about the power of manifesting; I convinced myself once more that we are capable of achieving the life we dream of and deserve.

After taking a new leap into the cold water in my life, I decided to move to the Mexican Caribbean, where I settled for almost two years. At first, I lived in a room full of roaches and a musty smell, no bigger than 20 square meters. Then two more brands emerged that would temporarily help me to make money: Easy Web and Dronez. You can imagine me sitting in front of my computer working from dawn to dusk in a smelly room, penniless and hungry; Yes, 100 meters from the turquoise sea of Playa del Carmen.

In the Riviera Maya I contemplated nature in all its splendor, feeling for the first time a spiritual call that went beyond my center. After 4 months of working hard to survive in "paradise", a job offer that would change the way I see the world came to Mayan Solutions. The NGO Sustainable Mexico, dedicated to Sustainable Tourism in Mexico, needed an art and production director. The founder of the NGO took me, like my other rich father, to her work meetings, which went beyond business: they sought to safeguard the nature of the Caribbean. Then I learned that the life of luxury and prosperity could co-exist in harmony with nature and the environment. Thus, Mayan Solutions achieved a collaboration contract between Sustainable Mexico and Eco World Building.

Hunab Amaya Mexico sostenible
Hunab Soul Sync 2 copia

I came into a foundation called Todo Con Amor, where I began to contribute selflessly and from the soul with my music. With its founder, Juan Manuel Espinoza, I met a new concept called Healing Music, and together we explored the deepest states of meditation and connection with the Universe. I was inspired, so I continued to practice what my two wealthy mentors, father and mother, taught me about the power of manifestation through the spirit. Wonderful ideas came to my mind, and I began to materialize them. On the one hand, I developed Nahua Yoga, which is a brand dedicated to preserving and innovating Mexican culture through Toltec Wisdom, Movement and Dreaming; concepts of American spirituality that had revolutionized my way of perceiving and interpreting life. On the other hand, after meeting one of my idols on personal motivation, Ricardo Perret, and becoming his friend, I developed together with several specialists a biofeedback technology (bio-feedback in its original language) to harmonize the heart with the brain. I called that technology Soul Sync®, and it is used in all REWIRE seminars, retreats and workshops.

I attracted a beautiful apartment in the Caribbean and my income was rising again. There was only one thing missing in my life; something that ironically was most important so far... a person to share my romantic life with. What was the surprise, that after applying the principles of manifestation that I had learned, from one moment to another the woman I have been dreaming about appeared, with whom I now share my life. She was from Germany and was only passing through my country, but that didn't stop me from trying to be with her. Together we created a project called Soul Sailors, where we are simply ourselves inviting the world to join "our journey". When we met, we agreed on something: we both dreamed of getting to know India. It all came down to a decision, to leave behind that life that I had built in the Mexican Caribbean and go with the person that I had been waiting for years. Again I was on the tip of a new mountain called "Riviera Maya", from where I could see two more new called "Europe" and "India".

Soul Sailors Riviera Maya

So I decided to travel around the world to discover the formula that makes societies work and thrive without harming the environment. As best I could, I raised the funds to pay for my flights, and a long journey began. Europe dazzled me with its amazing social and cultural system. I met wonderful people and amazing places. My partner's culture showed me in results what happens when people are responsible, committed and honest. I also understood that the concepts of wealth and abundance did not depend on money, but on a mental state that is inherited in families as something mechanical and rational.

Hunab Amaya in India

So I landed in India, the cradle of Yoga and Hinduism. There I experienced various social systems that have nothing to do with Western thought, where people dedicated to spiritual practice are housed in institutions called Ashrams, where they can develop in more aspects of their lives and achieve liberation. I meditated with Rishis and Gurus, people with great political and personal power who promote the collective awakening to maintain peace on the planet. I learned about ancient music and its great power to reconfigure our human essence. I even traveled to a city called Auroville, where in an almost inconceivable way it was possible to build innovative and sophisticated infrastructure in harmony with nature and with a spiritual foundation of acceptance of rights and universal thought. I learned that through compassion it is possible to live a life full of prosperity and harmony.

Today I am back to the western world, determined to share everything I have learned. REWIRE was born as a project that seeks to reconfigure or "rewire" our brain to mindfully empower us and manifest the life we dream of, as well as the life the planet needs.

If you've got this far, I can only say THANK YOU. I hope with all my heart that my story inspires and motivates you so that you can manifest the life you dream of and that, I am sure, you deserve.

Hunab Amaya

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