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- The tools that changed my life were those that allowed me to manifest the life I dreamed of and knew I deserved.
Now I want to share them with you.

Luis Hunab Amaya

Reconfigure your mind

From a very young age we acquire limiting beliefs that family, society and religion impose on us. All this is stored in our brain in the form of neuro-associations or "neural pathways".

We have the power to "rewire" or "reconfigure" those associations, consciously transforming them into powerful beliefs and convictions that potentially improve our lives.

Rewire empoderamiento mente
Rewire empoderamiento emocional

Synchronize your systems

True and transformational change occurs when the systems that regulate our bodies are in sync. It is then that our nervous system sends our brain the correct signal to reconfigure any belief or condition that limits us.

In Rewire we have transrational technology (which unites science with spirit) to bring consciousness to a non-ordinary, high-focused state. Thus, any change happens in a very short time and lasts for a long time.

Unleash your potential

Get personal power from various sources and start manifesting the life you deserve and dream of. Through mindful empowerment, you will go beyond just creating abundance or attracting a partner. You will be able to redefine your purpose in life and raise your value for the planet

After learning and internalizing unique transformation tools, you can use them to reconfigure your life and inspire everyone around you. We use deep methodology to develop smart intuition, emotional resilience, and spiritual intelligence. 

Rewire empoderamiento exito

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Who is Luis Hunab Amaya?

A Multipotentialite...

dreamer since childhood, explorer since young and entrepreneur today.

I am a multipotential entrepreneur who dedicates his life to creating systems that harmonize human life. My first business started at age 17, a successful music school in Mexico. At 23 I founded with my best friend Mayan Solutions®, where we offer innovation and identity solutions for brands. With this company I created 5 more brands, with which I learned extensively about failure and success. Of those brands, Soul Sync® and Nahua Yoga are my integral contribution to society.

Today I wish to share with the world the most valuable lessons that I have acquired, which not only lead us to manifest the life we dream and deserve, but put us in touch with an aspect full of magic, power and harmony that is found in this moment within us.

- In the deepest part of man those dormant powers inhabit; powers that would amaze him, that he never dreamed of possessing; forces that would revolutionize his life if they woke up and took action.

Orison Swett Marden

Online Training includes:

  • 24 Online Sessions (+12 hours of content).
  • Easy access to videos at any time.
  • Affiliation to the group of mutual support participants.
  • Access to promotions of official events.
  • Surprise gifts at the end of the training.
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"Empower yourself and others" it's a training program on-line in Spanish focused on conscious empowerment. Is a total of 24 sessions, with more than 12 hours of valuable content (recommended to track 1 session each day).

The topics to be covered during the training are:

Week 1


  • How do limiting beliefs arise?
  • Imprints & Neuro-associations.
  • How to locate limiting beliefs?
  • How to transform a belief?
  • How to reinforce a belief?
  • Create new neural pathways.

Week 2


  • The forces that move the world.
  • Innovative Personal Approach.
  • Beyond meditation.
  • IDC or MV technique.
  • The ultimate approach.
  • The power of the word.

Week 3


  • 7 Sources of personal power.
  • Beyond Affirmations and Visualizations.
  • Redesigning Success.
  • Modern Rituals.
  • The great search for Purpose.
  • Intuitive Intelligence: The science of the heart.

Week 4


  • Practical demonstration training.
  • Meditation / Focus ARAS or SAR.
  • Integration.
  • The path of Self-Realization.
  • The new World.
  • Surprise gifts.

After making your purchase, you can download a quick guide to access the training in PDF format. In this document you will have access to the videos through a link with their respective password.



Payment via Paypal and Participating Cards.


* It will be a great adventure *

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Fer Núñez
Announcer & Influencer

"Luis is an enterpreneur, very dedicated, always focused on results and with the vision of a particular objective.
He does not give up and goes for more. "

Juan Manuel Espinoza
Founder of Todo con Amor

"Luis has been a great companion on the road, with whom I was able to find a very deep connection in music and meditation."